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Do you already know Agropošta? We make 100% natural syrups from healthy plants and fresh fruit. We pick all the ingredients by hand: it doesn’t get any more natural!


Agropošta literally means “post from nature”. Isn’t it beautiful? Who doesn’t want to drink 100% natural syrup, prepared with love and care? Actually, our syrups are liquid love letters. Love letters in classic flavors like strawberry and lemon, and with a surprising twist, like sage and lavender. You can find all our syrups in our webshop and at various retailers.


The ingredients are picked by hand with great care and respect for nature. Only the best fruit and plants are selected and processed into Agropošta syrups. This way we can ensure that every drop of syrup is top-quality. 


Our syrups are still handmade in the traditional way. In 2011 the Švaić family started producing syrups. The recipes for all our syrups were created out of love for and knowledge of nature, which this family has passed on for generations. We know for sure that where you put love in, that’s where love comes from – and you can taste it in the Agropošta syrups! All our handmade syrups are suitable to make a nice glass of lemonade, to use in a cocktail or mocktail, or to finish your dessert.


Ecological sustainability is our top priority. We make sure that untouched nature is there for the next generation. 

We only pick what we need, without damaging the plant. We treat all our plants with love. Our strawberry plants, lemon trees, and lavender plants are given all the space they need to grow naturally. So the following year we can harvest the same plants and shrubs again and generations after us will be able to do the same.

Croatia, where we pick all our ingredients and make syrups, has different climate zones. This gives us plenty of choices to choose from and use the tastiest plants and fruits.